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A holiday at the Hotel Relais I Presidi is also the perfect opportunity to enjoy the great wonders of nature. It directly overlooks the magical lagoon of Ortobello and the nearby famous "Costa d'Argento" in the heart of the Maremma Park. It is just a short distance from Lake Burano, a World Wildlife Fund's haven where you can spot many different species of birds including Flamingos and Fishing Falcons.

And it doesn't end there... Another "must see" for nature lovers is the forest reserve "Tombolo della Feniglia", perfect for trelling or cycling. Hidden amongst pines, the dirt road of the reserve runs for 6 kms. parallel to the beach and the lagoon.
A large variety of animals can be seen including the wild deer that wander about freely. In just 55 minutes by boat you can reach the island of Giglio with its picturesque fishing village and spectacular views.
There is and endless number of day trips which can be enjoyed in the immediate vicinity: Ansedonia, with its rich foliage brushing against the blue of the mediterranean sea, the ancient city of Cosa or Talamone where its perfect wind conditions make it an ideal location for sainling and windsurfing.

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